Thursday, October 31, 2013

Race Report (x2): Yarrawonga Sprint & Hazelwood Sprint

Part 1: Yarrawonga (Numbers report here, I think you can still access it!!)

We recieved an email from the race directors on Saturday night stating that the water temp was 20°C, so I didn't even bother to pack my wetsuit for the trip to Shepp to stay at my parents house before the race....
Mistake 1.

We got there race morning and the water temp was actually 16.5°C. Cold enough for me to strongly regret not having a wetsuit.

Mistake 2. Racing with a sinus infection that was moving into my chest... that was HEAPS of fun. I recommend it to everyone. Not.

I got in the water and it took my breath away, it was VERY cold and took a long time to get used to!!

The 750m swim took me a hell of a lot longer than I was used to, what with the cold water and it being my first open water swim since June or something stupid. But, I got out of the water and all was good.
Taken to wearing goggles under cap so I don't lose them and so they hold my braid in!
I waved to Pete and headed off onto the bike, but I knew right away that I wasn't ok. Breathing was hard, I was very snotty (sorry, TMI) and just struggled the whole time. Over an hour for the 20km is a testament to that, it's the worst I have ever felt on the bike in a race. Normally I can handle mid pack but today I was DEAD LAST.
Riding my road bike. I didn't feel very flashy....
I finally made it back to transition after battling a head wind home and headed out to run. Chatted with Andy for a little bit before Pete joined me and walked beside me.
He saved me from a giant brown snake (no kidding, I would have gone straight over it) and pushed me most of the way. Slow ass run, but I made it home to cheers from my team mates, to break the DNF hoodoo that has crowded me for the last 18 months.

Onwards and upwards!

Part 2: Hazelwood (Numbers here)

I was feeling better, but not 100% at Hazelwood but I had much more fun at this race, especially with my new flashy bike getting some attention.

4km further on the bike, more than 10 minutes faster than the week before makes a fat triathlete happy!

Wore a wetsuit even though the pond was warm, swum much better.
Big chain ring on the bike means Amy JUST caught me on the bike.

Ran the whole way except for two mouthfuls of water and the second half of the big ass hill on the run.

I also almost did not race because I had a costume malfunction right before the start, in which my zip broke on my tri suit. Good thing Pete packed spare stuff for some reason that morning and I had clothes to wear! Otherwise I would have been devastated!!



Garmin's 910XT vs Magellan's Switch Up

Since I have started triathlon, I've been an avid Garmin user.
I initially bought the 310XT and LOVED the thing. It went with me everywhere.

Then the 910XT came out and my watch was upgraded, and this was attached to my wrist as often as the 310XT was.

I often use a Polar FT60 for indoor training, but haven't been able to convert myself to any of the Polar's other cycle/run/multisport offerings due to my love of the Garmin.

Then I was chatting to Snoz from Trailmix about the new watch out, the Magellan Switch/Switch Up.
Obviously I knew nothing about them.

When I was given one to trial, I set about it in the only way I knew how... wholeheartedly.
(Please note: Even though I was given this watch to test all opinions are my own and no one from Magellen or Trailmix has assisted me in writing this)

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Cairns Trip - Reef Cruise & Snorkelling/Diving

Another post just with a couple of pictures and a little story :)

I am afraid of confined spaces, so as you can imagine scuba diving isn't exactly my sport. I more like the idea of snorkeling, so that's what I did!!
We went out on a Quicksilver boat and it was amazing. Plenty of fun for the day :)

Though I did panic when I saw a shark and got back in the boat and stayed there for the day haha...

I also broke my toe while I was on the boat, and it's still quite painful. Good thing I had a rest when I got back and have just started training huh :)

Cairns Trip - White Water Rafting

So only one story from the day. And yes, this is late as you like, but never mind...

Basically it was a great experience, but one that I am not looking forward to again any time soon...!!

There was this one very vertical water fall type thing that we went down. Now, if you haven't been rafting before, this guide gives you instructions, so like On the Job (sit there and hold your paddle) Paddle, Hold On (both self explanatory), Get down (get into the middle of the boat), left, and right (which are obviously directions, normally heard after "GET DOWN GET DOWN".

Anyway, as we were going down this particular waterfall thing, the guide screams out "GET DOWN GET DOWN GET DOWN GO LEFT GO LEFT".
As you can see from the below pics, I am on PP's left... I got down, and he hip and shouldered me left... and I went tumbling out of the boat...

I train!

For someone who has done little to nothing after the last milestone race (scarily, that was Singapore in March 2012....) I have actually been back to training.

Here is the total of my training since 15th July (so 2.5 weeks)
More than I've done all year I think...
It's a bit of a milestone for me.
It hasn't been a big training load, but it's been enough to challenge my significantly unfit and overweight body.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Cairns Ironman - Race Report

I guess this encompasses the entire reason that I was in Cairns in the first place... right?

I guess we better start from when we arrived hey!!
Feel free to skip to the RACE MORNING heading if you want to miss the blabber.

Our hire car:
Stunning in CCTS blue and very appropriate. Pete named it Fred. So Fred it was!!

Quicksilver Reef Swim - Race Report

So I am doing these posts in parts as I remember them...

Thursday before Cairns Ironman and the day after we flew in Pete and I headed over to Green Island to compete in the 3km Cairns Reef Swim before the bigger race.
We figured it was a chance to go across to the island for a pretty decent price, as we got snorkelling equipment and other stuff included in our ticket price and got to do a race at the same time!!

We left early and had to be on the boat by 6.30am. That sucked after coming in the afternoon before on the plane, but we knew we had to do it so it was our own fault...

We waited around to board the boat for a while, and finally set off. We were packed for the day as we were taking the late boat back to Cairns so we had time to look around.