Sunday, December 9, 2012

I wore another hat on the weekend...

Sometime during the year, the idea was put into my tri squad's collective brain that we should run an off-road triathlon series at our "home ground" at Lysterfield Lake.

Well, we took that idea, and myself and Tim have put pretty much a lot of the spare time that we've had into the planning, minor details and much, much more into organising not only the first race that took place yesterday, but the planning for the entire series, four races of which will occur next year.

On Friday at least check we had around 17 people entered into the race, which is probably where we expected the first event to be.
Ok, I tell a lie, we expected maybe ten, so were stoked with 17!!

Saturday morning when I go to print the final entrant list... there are now 23 people in the race! Me, being me.... PANIC! I don't have enough bike racks! I don't have this, that, whatever.

Chillax, girl. It's Saturday. Just go and buy some more bike racks, and do everything else you needed to do...
Saturday was spent doing the strangest things that I had never really thought about for a race. Making sure there is enough Gatorade or lollies for afterwards. Remembering to take the esky full with sausages and bread, taking water barrels so there was fresh water for people to drink...
Even more minor things like remembering cups to drink out of, and a permanent marker for drawing on people's arms....

Yesterday morning was pretty much perfect.
The weather had cooled down enough so we wouldn't have to deal with too many heat stroked athletes. As we were setting up (and Pete adopted a dog from a house out the back of the park) I started to get nervous when people started turning up.
Soon enough I started delegating to other people around and things got easier as it came together.

We ended up having JUST enough bike space for all competitors, with 4 on the day entries bringing the total to 27 competitors, combined with the 7 kids that had a crack at our mini-mini race.

For first time race organisers, things went pretty well. Sure, there are lessons there to be learned. We need a few more marshals than we would on a road course, as Lysterfield can be quite confusing.
We might not need a drink station where it was, or so much Gatorade.... but overall, everyone crossed the line smiling and people were nothing but helpful.

So in the end, we're pretty proud of what we have achieved this weekend, and that we've been able to start something up like this. The off road series can only get better and better from here!

Bit scared at how big it might end up though!! Want to keep some old school charm about it haha.

If you want to check it out, you can go here:
Yes, I am advertising. But it's MY race haha. Well, mine and Tim's!

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