Monday, January 14, 2013

The obligatory "New Years" post (even though it's late)

What's the go with everyone all of a sudden getting motivated around the new year?
Is it the same as starting a diet on a Monday?

I have no idea.

But the new year did start off with some new motivation for me.

It struck me a little that I am doing my Ironman this year. In June. And it's not that long away now. Less than 20 weeks, actually, and that frightens me when I am a bit too heavy, have been a bit sick and am so far undertrained it's not even a joke any more....

A few days before Christmas, I saw a new friend post a competition up on facebook. This chap and I were a member of a fitness group on facebook, and he asked about swimming for his frist triathlon.

Anyway, back to the competition. Glenn runs a company called Essential Health and Fitness, literally around the corner from where I live and was looking for 5 people for a new program that he is running.
5 committed, although struggling people. We were to write a bit of an essay to him via email, and tell him why we were deserving to be members of his "Elite Team".

Elite? I don't think so. Struggling? Definitely. I could use some motivation. Didn't like my chances going up against other people, because I hardly ever win competitions, but I sent him an email anyway.

So this is the email I wrote to Glenn, verbatim. I haven't really written stuff like this down before, so writing it to a complete stranger was a little emotional....

"Hey Glenn, your random swimming instructor here…

I would be an awesome person to insert into your elite little group.

Here’s why.

I’m an ex-elite swimmer, I know how to train at an elite level, but am hitting some hurdles at the moment.
I’m training currently, as a triathlete as you might have gathered from my weirdly forward posts in the botanic ridge group, but I have some hiccups.

I am currently 105kg, I would like to be 75kg. I have 55.5kg of lean muscle mass according to my last dexa scan, which is in the top 2% for a female my age.
I can lift heavy shit like a boss. But three years ago I had pancreatitis, and my metabolism got really stuffed up. In March the doctors gave me some medication that I need to take every time I eat.

I have my metabolism back, when I first started the meds my BMR was only 600cal per 24 hours. Now it’s 2200, but I am still burning 100% carbs at rest, and even the exercise physiologist that I see cannot work this out.

In March, I was 96kg. And this was the slimmest I’d been in my adult life (size 12 – 14). The doctors needed me to gain 10kg to help fix things fast, which I did.
Now… I am struggling to turn this around. I feel like shit, my clothes don’t fit right and I’m over it.

I am completing my first Ironman in June next year. I want to be able to smash the shit out of this instead of struggle through.

As well as a swim coach I am a trained nutritionist & triathlon coach, so I have something to trade as well ;)
As long as all my ironman training can be included in my program, I am good to go.

I keep up a lot of cardio on my own with my tri training, and try to get in at least one strength session per week because I also have a disability which means my right leg is very weak (ankle, knee due to my leg being a different length). I can’t do lunges or a lot of jumping, and this makes run training a god damn nightmare.

Anyway. In spite of all this crap, I’d love to be considered.
I definitely have the determination, and a big goal. I know you don’t know me from a bar of soap, but I’d like to give it a crack!"

Reading through that again is a little weird. It's like someone else is writing it, except that it's me. I try to be so positive about things, but let's be honest, when things get you down they get you down...

Anyway, long story short, I was one of 6 chosen for the EHF Elite Team, which I was pretty excited about. My biggest thing at the moment is having someone to be accountable to. Someone who will take my food diary and tell me off when I just eat shit all week, someone who will weigh me and tell me why I am getting fatter instead of skinnier, someone who will take my measurements and help me with my progress... I needed Glenn's help more than he needed me in the team!!

Saturday morning was awesome, working through the intro and the mindset stuff that I have so much of a problem with.
I am an athlete, I know how to train.
I am a nutritionist, I know how to eat.
I studied human behaviour, but be damned if I know why I do some of the shit that I do, and that's what I need the help with. The things that go on in my head that make me thing my behaviour is ok and acceptable, when really, it's not.

It just makes me fatter, more depressed, and then makes things worse...

And then poor Pete cops an earful about how we eat when we spend time together, when in reality, I control what goes in my mouth. He can eat whatever he damn well pleases, but I cannot eat like him. I am not a boy, nor am I 6'2". I will just make myself sick and fat.
End of story.

I had my first proper session with Glenn last night, I rode there and did a boxing class. This is the first time I've done a "group fitness" type activity in... well... it's got to be about two years.
And I hurt ALL OVER. My quads mostly.

But, becuase of the weekly goal I made on Saturday (that I will do ALL my programmed training, even though I write my own program haha) I got out and went for a ride/shuffle combo this morning.

Something is working.
There is a switch somewhere that has been flicked, and I tell you what, I feel better for it already.

You can check Glenn out at if you want too. He's pretty much a menace.
I will convince him to do a triathlon by the start of next summer. I need to teach him to swim first though!!

Anyway. As the 1st of January was a Tuesday this year, my own official recorded "weigh in" days are Tuesdays. And today I am down 800g on last week, so not a bad start!! See how the EHF weigh in goes Saturday and it should be better, because I've been training for a whole week instead of a couple of days.

But it's safe to say NOW that the athlete is back :)

The 5 things I am going to achieve today are:
1. Get out for my ride (complete before I blogged)
2. Do my swim set
3. Drink enough water
4. Not eat my arm off
5. Do some housework before Pete comes over tomorrow night. My floors are putrid.... Eep.
(Bonus task) Complete my video for Glenn and send it to him as well. Have not done that yet, sorry man!

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